P!ssed Off!

Had a really crap day! Got threatened by one of our regulars today, as he’d had a few too many and was obviously in the mood to fight the whole world. So he decided that I was going to be his target of choice. We finally got rid of him, barred him obviously, which when he came back later on to get a pint, he didn’t take kindly to. He grabbed me again and threatened me again and less than 20 minutes later the chef informed me my bike was on its side in the car park!

Hes broken my clocks, bent my front brake lever and generally bashed her up again! (Just after she was starting to get fixed too!) :frowning: And the police have said there is nothing they can do, even if he comes in again being abusive too me, unless they actually catch him at it! Back at work again tomorrow morning and him and his dad always come in for a lunch time pint! :frowning: (And this is a 40+ year old i’m talking about too.)

thats ******* shite, This guy needs a lil ‘Talking to’ :Whistling:

the guy needs to get a life, and id be non stop with the police because of the criminal damage he has caused!!!

good luck sorting it!

**** happens, the fellors not fit to draw breath. dam old bill they dont wont to do anything unless they can earn money from it.

keep smilin, try not to let it get you down. :wink:

Er…isn’t it criminal damage to vandalise someone elses stuff? I remember a time when that used to be illegal…

And isn’t grabbing someone classed as asault?

Not good. :angry:

Sorry to hear that RC :frowning:

Anything else happens you should drive the Police mad till they do something :angry:

Threats alone should be enough for a word in his ear at least :crazy:

Damnnnn - where dyu work?

**** in his pint - it might not fix ure bike but…

sorry to hear that michelle hope something gets done about this tramp that kicked your bike over sounds to me that good old fashioned police brutality would do some justice here

Really sorry to hear about that RC.

Totally not on. I have to agree with the other LB’s on hasseling the police, what do you pay your council tax for. :angry: Not fair!!

By the way which pub, do you work at? Just to make sure I don’t park my bike anywhere near it.

Hope it works out for you.

Stay safe.

Dammit that sucks, I hate it when I hear of a so called grown man picking on a woman, they are just cowardly bullies, and that’s not meant to sound patronising RC!

Maybe the LB crowd should pop along and show a presence, if he thinks he has a load of bikers to deal with maybe he’ll feck of to another pub somewhere else!! :angry:

What is it with people these days that you can’t have a beer or work in a pub without some idjit making your life difficult!

I went out for a few beers with my housemates tonight, we met up with a couple of guys one of them works with, they are from Wolverhampton, comments about how the accent is not so good, all in a comic manner, and before I know it some fool is getting arsey with us because his missus is from West Bromwich, talk about touchy, I was straight with him and he let it go but honestly what was the point?!?

If someone wants to take the pi$$ outta my accent and where I’m from I really don’t give a toss, I have more important things to worry about!! :crazy:

What a feckin’ coward! I’d like to see if he’s man enough to have a word with someone his weight! :angry:

I’m assuming here that there were no actual witnesses to the criminal damage caused by the chap.If anyone has ever been involved with criminal matters you will know that without witnesses willing to give evidence or CCTV its a non starter.Its very frustrating I know but thats the way it goes.Don’t always assume that the Police don’t want to do anything,normally its lack of evidence that gets in the way.It will not get past the CPS lawyer if there is no evidence to support the allegation.

Hey sounds like you work in a PUB…drink and some men dont mix…and some women these days…sorry to hear about the bike…get a camera on it and catch him then he can pay for it…keep him banned from the pub and inform other pubs…and off licences and that should help…but its a bit tricky unless you all stick together…

convictions for petty criminal damage will lead to an ASBO…a Fine and or a Community award…wont take away his anger or his drinking…

really pissed n sorry to hear rocker!!! dude needs a talking to! simon, old bill dont get paid by the incident! I wont write what I was going to say as its half five in the morning n Iv wasted way too much of my night dealing with idiotic attitudes like that. I apologise if I **** you off but old bill do a damn hard job with their hands tied behind their backs. Nough said.ps: if ppl are up to playing some chicken tag with the twat, just say when.

yeah was there no cctv in the car park etc?

as said above its not the dont want to do anything just a case of cant if no1 actually saw him do it.

Sorry to hear this hun, hope the bike gets sorted, and this fella (who sounds like a ****) pisses off the wrong person and gets taught a lesson.

that sucks

sorry to hera about your bike.

isnt there any cctv on the carpark?

That is absolutely awful RC.

I don’t know which pub you work in but the management should be sorting this out for you, not you. After all, if this idiot had walked into an office and demonstrated this sort of behaviour targeting one staff member then the company would react, not the individual.

If this tw*t comes back and his tail is not between his legs the management should sit him down (with his Dad if he’s with him) and calmly explain that they cannot allow him in the pub if he is going to demonstrate this sort of behaviour. They should also ask about the damage to your bike and give him the opportunity to pay for repairs and apologise to you.

Failure to do this means he is barred and, if I were the pub manager, I’d be repairing your bike for you.

Hmmm, I was going to write exactly that! I think if he sees just HOW MANY mates you have that are ‘scary’ bikers, then maybe he will think twice to do it again.

What do you think? Let us know which pub it is and maybe we can (in loose terms) organise a quick visit to your pub for a pint and a chat :slight_smile:


ditto Lustfish and the rest of you

A little VISIT is a way of not just showing him but anyone else that may think its clever to beat on a woman.****er…