Oxford HotHands or HotGrips?

After my hands froze on the way back from Leicester Square last night, I put the Hot Hands back on. To be honest, they didn’t make that much difference. The top of my fingers and my thumbs got so cold when on the A3 today, that I had to stop and reheat my hands thanks to my armpits!

I’m starting to think that the only solution is to get muffs!

And as I don’t have giant hands, the Hot Hands make it harder to get to the levers etc.

yeah i heard that windblast still makes the top of hands macp freezing
still it will help me get further before having to stop
had to turn off at A20 rather than A2 the other night to warm up over an espresso

looks like a set of grips is the answer cause i really cant be ar8sd with heated gloves etc

I used to get macp cold fingers until somebody on here suggested keeping my fingers straight over the macp levers rather than wrapping them around the bars. Didn’t solve the problem but on the A1 is does make a big difference, saved me buying new gloves or hot grips etc.

Did try and reply but AOL went down just at the wrong time :wink:

I had a SV about 3-4 years ago, never really liked it so sold it to my mate. It’s now been shipped to New Zealand and living it’s life out over there. (Remember you took the photos at the Ace for her of us lot?)

When I say I don’t like twins, it’s because I’ve ridden them unlike a few who moan about bikes and never have even ridden em. :wink:

Oh you know what they say… big hands = ??? :w00t:

I’m sure I don’t know what you mean!
But I do know the expression ‘Cold hands, warm heart.’ Aahhh!!

Unlike yourself, I haven’t ridden twins :w00t: :frowning: maybe they would be too much of a handful! :wink:

They vibrate too much for my arms to be comfy with :wink: They can also give you a right lazy ride :w00t:

they do vibrate a bit, my SV makes my little fingers go numb on long journeys! still love my SV tho!

Ah! So we are talking about bikes then.
Mine’s a twin, but I suppose it doesn’t count with only 124cc’s! :wink:

Thats what I used to do when i commuted the M25, like you say, does not solve the problem but you will get further before you have to stop to warm up the fingers;)

cold fingers? what are they ?:stuck_out_tongue:

macpin’ 'ell did my fingers hurt when we got to SE today, need to sort out the heating now
i think grips are the way fwd, still dont like the oxford branding on the grips 'n all that but needs must

all in proportion, as nature intended :D:P