Oxford HotHands or HotGrips?

has anyone used Oxford HotHands before?

i need to get some sort of heating for late evening return trips from Kent as the weather isnt going to improve for a while yet

i really wanted heated grips but don’t like the look of Oxford products in general and from what i have heard honda originals are silly money

so i thought maybe the hothands are a good compromise as they can be quickly taken off when the good weather returns


Hotgrips and leave 'em on :wink:

Wot do you know bout macp hot grips ? your part of the macp car & van club :stuck_out_tongue:

Got 'em on me M*cp steering wheel :smiley:

I had them on my SV, they were too m*cp big I couldn’t grab a good handful of throttle :stuck_out_tongue:

You had a macp sv ? kept that quite :smiley:

shouldnt be a prob for me as got m*cp big hands

:laugh: Quailty :wink:

oi! macp nothing wrong with SV’s! specially when you weigh macp nothing like me:w00t: it macp flys!!

I’m not macp knocking em mate, think they look macp lovely from the back :)Must say your sv looked macp well nice in France ;):P:)Just never macp knew Ang had one :slight_smile:

I have the Oxford Hotgrips on my CBR600F, they look fine and keep my hands nice and toasty out in the cold, sometimes I have to turn them down as they get really hot :slight_smile:

What she said, they are macp great. I only even use mine on the first of second setting cos the others are too macp hot.

Have I missed something!!! whats with all this macp business!!:ermm:

Look at terry-motos signature, thought I would go along with it cos I got macp all else to do at work:D

haha you should have macp said then! lolyah love teh macp LED rear:w00t:cheers mate, i do macp love my SV!erm i think were gonna get macp banned soon;):stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, I see now :stuck_out_tongue:

I was macp on about your pillion :D:P:) Sorry mate :hehe:

you cheeky macp bugger!:D:Pshes needs to speak to you does danie, summit about a macp job!

:DNo probs Fella, I’ll pm you me # ;):slight_smile:

kool,i shall pass it on!