Oxford Hot Hands

These go over your grips. They are hot. They come off easily if you want to take them with you. Think that’s it. £30?



Does one need to plug them into the bike? How easy is that to do?

Two wires to the battery

That a good idea for a quick winter fix.

I’m considering something like this, as I love my renthal grips but want some extra warmth. I’ll take 'em. Used much?



They would make great willy warmers

If they fitted then aye :wink: Although you’d have to carry a 12v battery around in your pants.

Short cable then?

I remember the first mobile phones, built like an house brick and you had to carry what amounted to a car battery around to power the things. Came with a long enough cord to park the battery on the pavement and roam to the centre of the street for best reception while screaming :wink:

“Hello? Yeah, I’m in the cinema. No, it’s RUBBISH!”