Oxford heated grips controller

Does anyone have the controller from a set of Oxford heated grips they want to part ways with? Mine died but the grips themselves seem alright.


Just in case no one has a controller you can get them from Oxford’s website:


thanks, didn’t even occur to me oxford would sell parts.

I have a few going spare if you want to make your way over to maldon I’ll dig them out

Ooh, yes please, I’m heading over that way on Monday evening too (possibly with @The_Sleeper in tow)

That’s fine I’ll dig them out
Just remind me on Monday
Karl knows where I live and he has my mobile

Ah handy, thanks

Lol, I’ve had a few things come up Monday, fancy Tuesday instead @Boris

Bah, it’s only Monday I can do

@The_Sleeper @Boris
Havn’t you heard about furlough. Every day is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday etc

No we are on a 3 day week.


Sorry, something has come up, can I collect it this weekend instead?

I can do today if that’s better for you though, just not ideal

Collect when you like
I’ll leave it behind the gate for you