Owww my ar5e!

Damn. Spent most of the week on my shiny new Fazer, hit the 600 mile service in just over a week (picked her up last thursday). Today after a few hours on the bike wearing a heavy rucksack with my work stuff in my arse is really hurting.

I hear the 2007 seat is better than older models, but its not so good for long rides and work related ventures. When I got off the bike today I wondered if I had just spent 6 months in prison.

Ouch. I wonder if there are any 3rd party seat replacements or summink. Gel pads?

Picking up a top box on saturday, that will get rid of the rucksack (laptop, printer, hard hat etc). That may help.

PS ignore this post its rediculous

take the buttplug out first?

this might help:



They aint cheap but they are good.

Give it a while, it’ll take a bit of time to break in, just like shoes and should get comfier over time.