And out…

I’ve decided to give online forums a rest for awhile…it’s time, past time really, to find another way to utilize the time.

It’s been pleasant chatting with you lot from time to time…remember to keep the rubber side down once the REAL riding weather is upon us again.

Whats going on Geeza ?

Stay in touch…specially with all those top quality pictures you take out there !!

All the best to ya !

Keep popoing in form time to time and stay safe.

Ah man, we’ll miss our American correspondant

Ah, for purely selfish reasons alone, this sucks Greg! Though I can understand. Please keep documenting your rides so when the time’s right, we can catch-up! Will miss for the time-being until your return!

Will miss your comments/humor But can understand there is more to do with your time

Look forward to a comeback

Something I said lol?! Will miss the input from across the pond!

Dont be a stranger! Pop in on your coffee breaks!!


At last, I just couldn’t stand that yank accent!

Good luck dude, and keep on enjoying your time on 2 wheels!!!

Don’t go Greg! Now who is going to send me pictures of snowballs and bikes?

Keep in touch hunny, I want to know how your family is doing too.

S xx

Hey Greg…Your weather just turned all sun and shine now then or what?

Come back sometime ya hear!

I’m just having HELL in my “real” life…with my work…it’s KILLING me. Every day is spent dealing with one f&ck up not of my making after another…the weather SUCKS…haven’t ridden in over 2 months…I’m just wicked stressed and fed up…and am finding myself taking it out on the forums that I visit.

I’ll step away for a bit…until the weather is right again and I can get my mistress out of the garage for some “take her out, ride her hard and put her away worn out and wet” kind of therapy…

I’ll be back, though…I have friends here…well, I like to think I do…I don’t want to be presumptuous as I know how you English types detest excess familiarity.

well you have friends my friend…don’t leave it too long

understand KSG take care of your self/family life…

and see you soon…


You do have friends here mate.

Hope all works out with your work and make sure you do come back.

Take care and shiny side up.

Sounds like you could be working for the same place I am. Hope all sorts and when the summer comes back maybe work will sortout and funtimes will be around