Over-wide graphics in sigs?

Am I the only one irritated that a whole thread has to be scrolled sideways to and fro to read each line just because someone choses to impose a 977px wide sig? They probably have a widescreen laptop with huge horizontal resolution and don’t have the ‘favorites’ (sic) pane open.

Those of us (me!) who have 4x3 screens with max h.res. of 1024, and who can read every other forum quite happily like that get a tad annoyed.

Limiting sig graphics to 576px wide would do the trick nicely (as I impose elsewhere).

Agreed. Glad you knew what it was. It was annoying us but we did not know what it is called.

There used to be rules for this but I can’t remember them :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not just the width that spoils my reading :wink:

The length makes my eyes pop out :stuck_out_tongue:

I have to agree with jim on this one


Oh, I don’t know, I love scrolling right for 2 miles to read a post :stuck_out_tongue:

Is this the forum for grumpy old people, or should I go elsewhere… :smiley:

And go crossed :stuck_out_tongue:

Some of them are probably enough to make people gag :w00t:

Yes, you’ve got the right forum! As a Cantankerous Curmudgeon and Grumpy Old Git I should know. :wink:

Some good points raised here.

There are rules relating to siglines and I’ll admit that at times applying these rules has been a bit inconsistant - sometimes there are more pressing concerns.

I’d welcome any ideas people have for an ideal size. Perhaps then, with the consensus being worked out by the community rather than being imposed, it might make it easier to manage.

In the meantime I’d ask people who use graphic siglines (or any sigline) to take into account how it might affect other people using the forum - in the main most people do this already I’m pleased to say.

Yours at 490px wide is just fine - and I can see the adverts too… :stuck_out_tongue:

im with u there jim but i didnt know why some were wider than others not being a computer wiz :slight_smile:

Just wide enough so that you can read a post all on the screen without having to scroll off the end of the world would be great

Agreed :wink:

Should they be stacked on top of each other and have writing underneath?

Maybe that only bothers me :ermm:

No it bothers me too and I feel a purge coming on.:wink:

i have ben playing with my sig alot, the site or teh signature part in my control panel doesnt work well with firefox for some reason?

hope mine is ok, i have been supplying peeps with soem sigs, they all look re-sized and ok?

i had to reduce my sig Ratty it was massive maybe it was just me though;)

i send them a bit big, forgot to re-size:D

I have no idea how to put a graphic in my sig line so why am I reading this ? think I go now :slight_smile: