Outbox cycle storage

Interesting concept here for concealed cycle storage in front of housing.

It’s only a concept at the moment.

Yes I know it’ll be expensive, yes I know it won’t work for the rental market, yes I know it is not aimed at motorbikes (yet) but the huge advantage that it won’t need Planning Permission which is always the killer for anyone trying to install a secure shed in the front garden.

Also looks very secure. Park a car over it and it’s even more secure.



Would be curious to see the correlation between installs and water pipe damage callouts given how outdated plans can be

Not just water also electric, gas, telephone and then some.

and how do they deal with rainwater/flooding?

Presumably they do a cat scan and hand dig around services, just like any excavation.

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its not like digging holes is something new.

and id assume it has some sort of pump for collected rain water

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Bike storage and wash if they are smart enough to harvest the rain water :smile:


Have you seen Colin Furze on YouTube? What you need is the entire front garden as a basement/ lift.


Place for ex-girlfriends :crazy_face:

It’s the unexploded ordnance I’d be concerned about. Still plenty of room for a bike in a crater.

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