Out with old, In with the new

Well today I got my new tyres A nice pair of BT020’s thanks to the guy with mobile tyre fitting van down the ace. How fantastic is it for him to turn up to your work and fit the tyres there while your still working £194 was quite a good price seeing as its him coming to you as well I did feel a bit of a diffrence in the grip (being better) but I was taking it easy due to scrubbing in.





Hehehe, like it! So what’s with the casual atire in the first one, and suited in the second? Feeling good about winter riding now?

well I had just got to work in the morning and was wearing a t-shirt in the first pic and in the second pic is during work work so I’m in lovely Jessops uniform. I must say I’m looking forward to the winter a lot more then I was with the Dunlops lol

I like your EOS 350D tie pin! Speaking of which, how much do you guys sell them for (the cameras, not the pins!)? I’m looking to buy one with the 18-55mm lens in the next week or two. Any LB discounts available?

I got a really got 350D pen as well but it stopped working

I think the black one is down to £649.99 now? but all the prices changed over yesterday so I’m not sure if its the same still. Unfortunatly Jessops arn’t doing very well at the mo so discounting isn’t easy, but the best thing to do is find it on any uk website like Amazon.co.uk and take in a print out. They’ll have to phone head office to do a price match and they should do it around £600ish.