Our bike family...

… before he 1000 went to a new home yesterday

WOW thats some collection!!!

I don’t feel guilty having 2 now

Nice…was good meeting u 2day mate

Haha, nice collection of Suzuki’s!

Damn I can’t wait to have a collection like that, fingers crossed Ill have a lil R1 on the way soon

Nice one Fridayman

Flash sod … **** I’m only jealous****

lucky if you lived around my way you would have about 6 bikes less,lucky for us the duc has not left the garage for 2yrs.

Ah! running a suzuki main dealership as cottage industry is clearly taking off in the london area! I know the overheads on showrooms and workshops are high (yes i really know . … bloody rent review this week) but selling them on street corners . . . .bike whores!