OT: Recipe of the day

I’ve just bastardised a number of recipe’s to create Redsters Crab cakes. Here it is if anyones a keen cook. Its pretty tasty!

200gr of white crab meat (from a fishmonger not tinned!)
Some bread, preferably slightly stale (but not solid)
4 Spring Onions
1 clove of garlic
1 tiny tiny firey red chilli
Handfull of corriander
Handfull of parsley
2 Beaten egg’s
Salt n pep
Worcester Sauce
Light Soy sauce
Tabasco sauce

Cut chilli in half and remove the pips. Chop the chilli dead fine, and the garlic as small as you can bleedin well get it (if you slightly crush the garlic clove with the back of a knife it makes it easy to peel)
Chop the spring onion’s and slap it all in a bowl. Add a random amount of salt and pepper, a small glug of worcester sause, a dash of Soy and 3 drips of Tabasco.
Add the crab meat and whoosh it about with a fork making sure that its mixed and theres no lumps of crab.
Chop some corriander and some parsley, again pretty fine but dont go overboard. Stick that in and mix well.
Stick your slightly stale bread, crust and all in a blender and wizz it 'till its breadcrumbs.
Add a tablespoon of bread crumbs to the crab/parsley/chilli mix thing and stur untill it starts to bind. If its not enuff bread crumbs, add some more but be carefull too much and it’ll go stodgy when you add the egg.
Beat 1 egg in a bowl and add it a bit at a time stirring all the time untill the mixture binds and holds itself up. Remember you can add but not take away so go carefull, and you wont need all the egg!
Grab a bit of the mixture then form into balls in your hand, then enclasp the ball in a gap formed between index finger and thumb and squeeze it top and bottom to form a flat, round patty thingy. Keep doing that untill all the mix is gone, you should get about 6 depending on the size of your hands.
Stick these on a plate covered in cling film into the fridge for about 40 minutes (longer if you have it but no less) This helps its to bind and stay in one piece when you cook it.
beat another egg in with whatever egg is left over and pour the egg onto a plate. Get another plate and slap the rest of your breadcrumbs on that.
When the cakes are chilled, heat a pan with about 5mm of oil to a medium heat.
Take the cakes out, dip in egg then breadcrumbs and straight into the pan. Cook untill crispy and brown on both sides (about 3 mins a side).

Serve straight away with sweet chilli sauce and rocket salad.