Orthotics/Shoe Inserts ...

Mind you don’t trip over the zimmer frame on your way in :smiley:


I’ve not done much reading about what they do/what they help cure or prevent specifically yet … but was wondering whether anyone had any experience of, or already use, specially made orthotics or inserts?

I’m recently getting mild discomfort in my left ankle/foot if I’m on my feet for any long period of time (e.g. Monday all day at the NEC or today going Christmas shopping).

The problem is, I’m sure, entirely of my own making. I tend to always sit with my left foot either underneath my bum, or underneath my leg (in the crook of my right knee) – rather than both feet flat on the floor – or with my leg on top of my knee.

Can I assume that whilst my bones have been growing, my ankle has fused crookedly – so now I’ve got a dodgy foot for life?

I’m only 23, and don’t want to be deformed/have issues standing up and putting weight on my leg by the time I’m 40 … so I’m wondering if an orthotic could fix it?

The difficult part will be getting out of the habit of sitting with my leg underneath me … which I suppose is the only real thing that could help long term …

I’m no physicial but isn’t this the sort of thing that can be fixed by a change of habit? Sucks that your having pain :frowning:

I’m sure that is the case … I really do need to get out of the habit of sitting cross legged … but it’s hard you know?

All goes back to being a little boy … primary school … arms folded - fingers on lips - legs crossed (you know the pose I’m sure :P) … and then going home … having tall furniture in the lounge … sitting cross legged on the sofa because if I let my legs dangle then I’d start fidgeting and kicking the sofa and mum would give me a slap :smiley:

I’m not a hypochondriac by nature - but I started looking at a few things and specifically saw this picture:

And although my ankle will go in the opposite direction because I’ve been sitting on the inside of my foot … it’s broadly the same principle?

Unless I stop sitting badly - then the problem won’t go away … however … when walking around I’m putting weight on it which will exacerbating things - and if an orthotic would mean I wasn’t walking wonky … then that must be a start?

You wont overpronate/develop a flat foot from sitting on it.
Its usually due to lax ligaments in the foot.
It more often causes knee pain and hip pain than ankle or foot pain, although it can cause the latter.
If you have deviation of your achiles like in your picture and wear your shoes down unevenly, you may be an overpronator and orthotics would probably help but I would suggest you see a podiatrist (chiropodist) or GP for advice, presuming you’ve had it for longer than a couple of weeks (in which case I would take some ibuprofen, man up and wait another few weeks to see if just gets better)

ps - most people discover they need orthotics when they are young, active and getting pain doing sports (not shopping)…not old people who cant walk unassisted

Go to a physio, and if it is bad they put you onto a podiatrist - all free if you get a referal from the dr’s and you have private medical cover.

I did this route, and ended up with a new pair of trainers to help with the problem

Anita and Dawn spot on. Have a chat with Wilna Vivier-Ellis at DJN Associates on Fenchurch st - she is really good and sorted out a problem I had with my knees after we discovered I needed inserts: 0207 488 3545 wilna.vivier[at]djn-associates.co.uk