Orange Broardband

Anyone got it? How do you rate it and what package do you have? Looking to change…


Yep I have it in France, it would be ok, if you didn’t have to use their livebox, and in France the tariffs are expensive

I do. It’s okay for basic stuff but I find it exceptionally slow sometimes. I have the £5 p/m package that I signed up for a few years ago and it’s 8mb but I’m sure it’s less than that. I love the fact that I can call my family abroad and it costs me absolutely nothing if I’m on the phone for less than 2 hours! Gotta love the power of VOIP :slight_smile:

If you are only doing simple stuff than I would say get it but if you want to watch youtube etc, don’t bother unless you get a super-dupa package.

Also, it costs quite a lot if you need to phone the tech support line (in India).

[email protected] customer care!! unless you can speak Indian!

well thats all the phone/mobile customer care. But I would recomend TMOBILE…when we moved and hadnt sorted out broadband the missus used her phone to hook up on the laptop and it worked ok as long as we didnt try any major techy stuff ie: hacking into the world leaders super computers :smiley:

I’ve had a problem with my talk service over t’internet with orange.

Rang them once after numerous emails. made them call me back. The phone still isn’t working, but they are now sending a replacement new mini livebox after I got them to escalate the problem, Think they got bored of asking me to do something, my answer was nearly always the same, “Done it”

the final straw came when one of the guys said must be your phone. well seeing as it worked with the box previously and works in the BT line, his response I’ll escalate this for you