Opinon Please - No Idea but ....


me and the Mrs. are looking for an off road bike for a bit of fun. At present Dawn cant ride but wants to learn but at present has no desire to go on the road. Now I’ve found these unbranded things on eBay :


No i know its unbranded and comes in a self assembly crate ( half the fun ), but I’m kinda figuring for £500 it’s “almost” throw awayable ( bad engrish i know )… Ultimately I want Dawn to enjoy it enough to go to a “normal” road bike.

What do you think ?

It looks like a Chinese copy of an old Japanese bike (Honda XLR200?). Given that it isn’t road legal you will always have to take it to the dirt using a trailer or van and it will be illegal to use on green lanes.

Although a second-hand trail bike (eg. Yamaha Serow 225) is more expensive (eg. about £1500-2000) it is worth bearing in mind that trail bikes don’t seem to depreciate much once they’re 2-3 years old, so although the initial outlay is greater you can recoup a lot of it when you come to sell.

My dirt bike is a Kawasaki KL250 Super Sherpa which is very like the Serow (but much rarer in this country). It is light and has a low seat height which makes it an ideal first dirt bike. I can ride it out to the green lanes or motocross tracks in Kent and Surrey but for more distant dirt such as the Welsh rallies I normally take it by van or trailer.

So I would recommend that you get a small road legal trail bike like a Serow. More expensive but much less hassle and if your wife decides she wants to she can ride it on road or dirt.


these are great value but they are not road legal and they are very small as off roaders go, kind of a mid tec kids field bike…like the old italjets etc

not money chucked away as you will always sell it for a few hundred to someone for there kid???

if you get on ebay you can find kx 85cc they do two a big wheel and small wheel second hand they are good value and as its a kawasaki you can get bits for them . suzuki ,yamaha etc all make these bike . my girl friend has the kx and it is fantastic . i’v seen people turn up at the motocross kids track with these cheep one’s and they normaly go home with in a couple of hours with thing broke .

They do look cool though… shame they are not road legal

is it not possible to make them road legal though or is that just more hassle and exspence???