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Louds pipes are not always the answer. I have a schuberth helmet and wear ear plugs, and a couple of weeks ago coming from Richmond on the North Circular PJ and his friend came flying on up from behind. I hever heard him, but I did see the HID (I think) lights from his friends bike.

Observation is key to riding and driving. And remember there is no law stopping someone with hearing difficulties being on the road. Someone can be completely deaf and still drive a car, and they will never hear you coming, however the visually impaired (from slight (depending on the issue) to total) are not allowed on the road.

You might not hear my bike on the road, but one the roads you can see me a mile away.

Oh and having 120dB horn does help. :slight_smile:

Yes and you always scare other biker and make them panic :slight_smile: change your vest jacket :D:D

Yes HID’s help me aswell. Alwyas on high beam, usually cars 4-5 in front already make me a way:P

One day I might borrow a white helmet and pull you over! :laugh:

It’s not how to pass it’s how to react to a fellow biker behind that is faster than yourself, I’ve been delayed many a time by bikes with panniers that can’t get through but do not move over, if i have a bike coming up behind me i’ll move over :smiley:


Very true, but how many of these peeps with panniers are using their mirrors. The problem is that they don’t observe the environment around them, and in the end it causes frustration, and that can lead to mistakes.

Too right- why not move over to the left immediately when you see someone in your mirrors haring up behind you…I’ll tell you why not- coz as happened to me this morning the b*gger might decide to go past you within a gnats whiskers on the inside. Where would your lightning fast reactions get you then? No, I reckon its best to wait until you have a handle on what the bike behind is going to do before moving out of the way (in one direction or the other!) :slight_smile:

depends on the rider im overtaking

I’ve got total respect for your views lessismore - there is no excuse for a rider exhibiting dangerous, bullying, reckless behaviour towards other riders - such a person is a knob. On the other hand I think you have to grow a thicker skin regarding the antics/riding ’style’ of other riders;) - Biking in London does entail a certain amount of cut and thrust! - it’s why a lot of us got into it in the first place!

As for being ‘too close’ - everything in London is too close! Making proper progress on a bike through London is like playing an Xbox! (Which for me equals FUN). Things are coming at you from all directions and your goal is to get through as cleanly and efficiently as possible - that means riding through narrow gaps between vehicles and dodging/jinking past slower bikes and scooters. On your commute try sitting behind an experienced courier - these guys jink and dive all over the place - and they will undercut you if you’re in their way - in my opinion watching a bike being ridden like this through London traffic is poetry in motion.

As for having an ‘occasional joust’ - Why occasional? I get into ‘jousts’ with like minded riders at least two or three times a week on my commute - they are often some of the highlights of my biking week - and have always been a part of biking culture in London (just look at the history of the Ace - riders would regularly race each other/against the clock - (many unfortunately came a cropper) true it was a different era, there was less traffic and no speed cameras - but this kind of attitude and approach to life is embedded in our ‘cultural DNA’ as bikers - it was about risk taking and being cocky with it.

When I was a rookie riding around London for the first time I was often undercut/overtaken by couriers and more experienced riders - but rather than get upset and complain about it to health and safety, I thought; ‘I’d like to be able to ride as fast and skilfully as that’ - I’d try and keep up and see if I could learn something on the way.

I understand why the rider this morning pssed you off - their riding style sounds unnecessary and twttish - but at the end of the day you have chosen to ride a motorbike - they are fast and dangerous and prone to falling over - that is why we love them, and that is why it’s good to have a sense of humour and a slightly lary streak if you are going to get the most out of them. If you want a safe, predictable and boring journey into work then leave the bike at home and go to work in a car/on the bus!:wink:

I’ll sign off now as I have to fit a new gear lever, clutch lever and mirror to my SV which I partially binned this morning! Take care lessismore - and please take my reply in good humour as it is meant in good humour:) - and keep it upright! (which is more than I did today!)

errrr haven’t you noticed its more or less a free for all out there…

people get pissed off if you beep at them lol

i will undertake , overtake ,whatever…

but i dont jam it in tight i always leave plenty of space…

its a laff when someone spots you behind and opens it up, tries to get away and starts to get in a pickle because there riding faster than normal…

if someone is going quicker than me i let em past and let em go, unless i fancy some fun, then ill tag on but never re take them…

ohh and chunks i have passed on the back wheel when provoked … :slight_smile:

some people would say my riding is at time taking the pi$$

but having driven all day 5 days a week in london for the pass 6 years and ridden nearly everyday in london for the past 8 years with out colliding with anyone, i think im considerate of other road users :slight_smile:

this is a good poll topic and i’ll tell you why… back in Oz, it’s *against * the law to filter (but guess cops can turn a blind eye). our instructors don’t teach / encourage it (filtering), so i was really surprised when watching a u-tube clip bout riding techniques where the instructor urged the student to, ‘go’ and ‘don’t worry bout indicating’, since he’d be passed and gone by the time the cage driver realises.

so since getting back into bikes after a decade+ break or so, let alone in london traffic, i immediately thought bikers 'ere were completely bonkers and aggressive in their riding habits (a lot of car drivers and scooter-heads are for sure!).

i give 'em enough room even if it means going onto the other side of the road / traffic island (a small one and obviously when no oncoming traffic ;))… i indicate :slight_smile: … Loud pipes… even if you’re not wearing plugs, can usually see 'em coming from behind way before hear them if mirror checking regularly (if have mirrors :P)…but what about the opposite occuring ie. the dude in front has good volume on his V-twin, sees you com’n, then throttle’s it… ok, he’s gotta thousand… me? a bit less than 3/4 L, but hey they’re both still SVs !! :smiley: nothing like a good blat in the morning!

I haven’t met the SV clubbers on this site yet, but *could * it have been one of you guys the other morning i’m talkn bout??? :wink:

Best of luck to you too. :Whistling: Its either binned or not in my book…errr ‘partially binned’?;):Whistling: I did have a bit of an off day on Friday too but fortunately not an ‘off’ day :wink: Seriously though, I’m not holding myself out as some kind of amazing rider surrounded by idiots coz I’m simply not. Personally I like like the fast bit, its just the the dangerous and prone to falling over I’m not so keen on;) Doesn’t make my journeys any more boring- if anything trying hard not to put myself in a position where I might fall over or be dangerous to others can be more enjoyable than going balls out everywhere in a congested city where lets face it there’s another traffic light/ speed camera/ lemming just up the road to stop you in your tracks anyway. If I may I would also like to disabuse you of the notion that going to work on the bus is safe and predictable (tho’ I can’t argue with the boring;)) As you say ‘there is no excuse for a rider exhibiting dangerous, bullying, reckless behaviour towards other riders - such a person is a knob.’ End of. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Is the consensus my view?

If you don’t “know” them and the way they ride, they are another potential hazard.

But then so are you to others following.

Take care folks, it can be a pretty grotty world out there and even you can make it worse without meaning to.

Too true. . .