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I notice a lot of the time other bikers seem to have to much testosterone and come up my blind spot and race past while I am filtering on chevrons doing the speed limit or just over .

I dont like to go much over the speed limit on chevrons as some [email protected] might pull out and U turn

It really gets me angry that another biker can put me at risk by racing past me as I could make a move into him by accident.

What do you think is it me or them at fault

What do you think they should do?If they give you enough room, and your observation is adequate enough that you know they are coming, what’s the problem?

I use the A316 and filter along the hatching at the richmond section. I normally know when a faster rider is aproaching from behind and are prepared for them to pass me. If they don’t pass me and I consider that I may be holding them up, I’ll pull into a gap for them to pass me, as that’s what I’d expect people that hold me up to do.

just make sure your bikes as loud as maine.then they know your there.


In that situation i hang behind them a little bit so they know Im there then I’ll go past, if they just sit in the way oblivious then I cane it past as fast as I can at 16k Rpm :smiley:

yup regularly get waved pass when they hear me behind them!!:smiley:

liek yesterday! me and some nutter on a bandit…much fun!

Agree with Mcnab - if I’m filtering on road or motorway I flick my eyes down to my mirrors regularly to check that I’m not holding anyone up - if there’s someone in a hurry etc I’ll pull in for them - most decent riders do the same for me - occassionaly you will come across a rider who is daydreaming and not aware of you/or inexperienced and concentrating on the road ahead without checking what’s going on behind them - usually I will hold back out of politeness - but if it goes on too long I’ll overtake swiftly - this might startle them - but a swift overtake is often safest. Occassionally I’ll get overtaken by someone unawares - which can be startling - although in my opinion this aspect is ALL PART OF THE FUN of riding bikes - I understand and respect where your coming from wigglemethis - but (in good humour;)) we’re all riding motorbikes - and this implies an element of ‘rough and (sometimes literally) tumble’ which is (for me) part of the attraction - we are not all appearing in an episode of Trumpton! :wink: If someone pisses you off, connect with your competitive instinct and outride them or return the ‘compliment’ - it’s all part of the fun and (hopefully good humoured) competitiveness which exists among bikers.


Where is the option for “On the back wheel”?:smiley:

Trying to understand what you’re getting at but no sorry I can’t. All fine but what you seem to be suggesting is that when you start to feel frustrated by the slower/ less experienced rider in front of you it’s okay to suddenly blast past giving them the shock of their lives. Yes a swift overtake is safest but only if you give the rider/ driver sufficient space and time to react (if necessary) as you go past. If you ‘startle’ them you’re too close in my book. Great fun for you maybe but what about the poor sod wobbling in your wake. Safer for you definitely but not safer IMO for him/her. If the other rider is in on the joke then great and I’m sure that most of us have the occasional ‘joust’ and that really can be great fun. No sorry, competitiveness is one thing, consciously putting the frighteners on another rider is another. (P.S. trust me I’m not usually quite so touchy about this sort of thing but read my thread on my commute today- not in a very good mood this morning ;)):slight_smile:

There are a lot of riders in London, who aren’t aware of what is going on around them, and they can make filtering impossible. They often take up a wide position for filtering but don’t make progress and therefore stop anyone else from using that part of the road.

Sometimes people who are suddenly suprised by the arrival of a faster bike, are just unaware that the bike has been there for some time…

I encounter very few genuinely aggressive filterers in my meanderings around London, I encounter far more people who are simply not aware of what is going on around them. I notice this on my bike, and in 4 wheeled transport at work - where even the prescence of flashing lights and lots of noise fails to induce any kind of reaction.

Correct. All the more reason to wait until the offending individual has clocked you before risking an overtake.

Funny, that’s exactly what I was thinking! :wink:

+1Mind you LOUD is good, most will hear me coming and pull to one side. I generally only ever have problems with a few scooter riders, but then thats more down to the fact that they are able to squeeze through smaller gaps at ultra low speeds but then get in the way when filtering faster. Not a major issue though.Generally most i come across are very aware.

You could do that on a srad chunks I am not talking about those who might want to go a little faster than me. I like to think i am very observent and yes i do pull in most of the time as I find a lot of riders in rush hour want to go fast which is ok I prefer to follow anyway than lead as I have no pressure that way and I can do my own thing .

I am talking about the [email protected] that race from a distance and if you yourself have a loud pipe or wind noise etc cannot hear them until they pass you at mach 10

As far as I am concerned I if am filtering on cheverons I am allready making a potentialy dangerous situation with the car drivers I would expect a fellow biker to respect the fact i am on two wheels and give me some warning if i dont hear them (which is possible even with good obs blins spots etc) if i dont move then fair enough i suppose i am fair game.

would you move over if some idiot got the hump with you driving at 50 in a 40 while in your car would you move NO

+1 100%.

Thats when Chunkys comment would come into play…pass them on the back wheel:D

Q. How do you know that you’ve passed another biker?
A. The toilet’s blocked again.

Sorry, I’m leaving now…

Loud pipe is the answer I think. Mine is not perfect tho. Only 112dB at 5.5k revs (with baffle :P) but still people move out of my way. I always say thanks to them and wave, not like other twats :smiley:

me too, always give them teh thumbs up!:smiley:

Most of the time we’re on our way to work. Why rush past others just to get there quicker? You’ll moan about being in the office when you get there anyway:)I agree with the loud pipe club, they always help. Lessismore’s point is right about slower/less experienced riders. I don’t see the point in hooning past them at Mach 1 when you can probably pull in behind and then get past at a slower speed 100 yards up the road. If you don’t make them nervous, most will pick up how to filter better soon enough.

Also, why filter quickly. I wouldn’t have been able to stop in time to miss the car that turned right across me this morning if I’d been travelling particulary quick. I’d rather get out of the traffic slower, but in one piece, to be able to open up in the quieter areas.