Notice the large amount of High Octane jet fuel leaking out nicely on the winglet …next to the 2 engines which are nice n hot…and the 2 Highly-trained chimps in the ****pit of this RAF Tornado haven’t got a clue!



Ooops, someone’s going to get a telling off

Quite handy that, with nice hot engines and a fcuk off great big rocket on the wing…BOOOOOOOOM, “OOOps thats not ment to happen”!!!

That actually can be on fire as the flames wouldn’t be visible !

Iv seen the same when i worked at Heathrow airport, i saw a Air India 747 with fuel pooring out of one of the wings as it was on its way for take off. But the team leader i was with managed to get word to the tower to stop it.

Hmmm. Not surprised frankly. Used to spend a lot of time stalking / spotting / photography military jets and every Tornado (all being 15 yrs old or more) was in desperate shape. Masking tape around the canopy to stop water leaking in when parked, panels superglued to stop them flapping open etc. etc. etc.
There y’all go, not only did I have an unhealthy fetish for T5 Volvos, I was/am a plane spotter too.


Where did everyone go?



Can anyone hear me?

(tumble weed blows across set, wind whistles etc etc)