only in the good ol' US of A


Did they nick him cos he wasn’t wearing a lid? :wink:

awww he looks soooooooo cute and the child looks pretty cool as well :stuck_out_tongue:

don’t need a lid in america

oh really… check this…

must have been one of those with an age restriction

That must not be a recent picture…it seems that lately, they pull you…and then give you a good tasering just for good measure. :crazy:By the way, helmet laws vary by State…Kansas doesn’t have one. I always wear a full face helmet, even in the dead of summer when it’s 100+ F…but I see a TON of people who don’t. To each his or her own, I guess…you can’t legislate common sense…anymore than you can attempt to legislate morality…it’s foolish to even try.

okay i correct myself you don’t need a lid all the time in some states…:blink:

Ahhh reminds me of when I wasted many an hour watching CHiP’s :smiley:

Jon and Ponch :blush:

i was gonna say ive wasted too much time eating chips…but i love em so why is it a waste, they just give me a waist:hehe::hehe:

I know someone who lives about 400 yards on the Florida (helmets compulsory if aged under 20) side of the border with Georgia (compulsory helmets for all). All day bikes pull up outside their house so riders can remove their helmet as soon as they get into Florida. Presumably the Florida law is based on maturity, whilst the riders prove that maturity and chronological age are different things.

I am not requred to wear a helmet under Texas law. Its a pretty simple law to gain exemption from, you need proof of completion of a Motorcycle Safety Foundation course, or be over 18 and carry proof of medical insurance of $10,000, to cover any injuries. I carry the proof of insurance, twice over, (Veterans Administration and Medicare). I still wear a helmet, my head is worth it, I think.

I can’t imagine anyone seriously believing they can go unscathed through a life time of motorcycle riding with out going down, just ONCE.