Online route maps

Having read the thread about peoples fave routes got me wondering.

I’ve been looking for an online route planner where you can input all the places mentioned on a thread and get a map you can put on the thread as an illustration.

I’ve tried the usual AA, RAC and Multimap but that always seems to send you where they want you to go, never where I want to go

I’ve seem other peeps post maps on other threads… Where d’ya get it from?


Sir, I believe you are looking for the wonderfull, splendid and most excellent GOOGLE MAPS!

Right click and select “from here”, right click again and select “to here” and you can even grab the blue route and change it about as you see fit. Fwankly Bwilliant.

To get an illustration, just take a screen grab (print screen button and paste it into paint).



Yes sounds like google maps to me!

New service just launched is called my maps you can create your route - well draw it on the screen and then link to it,-1.571044&spn=5.610598,9.898682&z=7&om=1

but it doesn’t do any routing - for that you have to use the standard map site - - you build up the route using your next destination then click ‘add destination’ and if the route doesn’t go where you want it to click on the line and drag the route where you want it to go.

For example here’s what comes up when you route from Paris to GIbraltar,-1.498035&sspn=20.590628,39.594727&ie=UTF8&z=5&om=1

but if I grab the line half way I can move the route to go via the coast rather than down the middle,3.999023+to:gibraltar&mrcr=0,1&mrsp=1&sz=5&mra=dpe&sll=42.49513,-1.498035&sspn=20.590628,39.594727&ie=UTF8&z=5&om=1


Oh yes it does to routing! Try right clicking and selecting directions from here and directions to here. Route sorted. You can add locations and take them away too using the bar on the left.

Thats the kiddy

Thanks chaps

Nice to have an aid memoir on top of your tank

Sorry Red I should have been more clear.

The general site DOES allow routing - as I’ve said above - and you can also do routing on any ‘my map’ - BUT that routing isn’t saved as part of the map and can’t be exported as a KML file into Google Earth or other routing software for GPS etc… yet :slight_smile: The next time you come back to that ‘my map’ the routing will have gone away…