Onesie wanted

Hi there

as the title says, im looking to find a cheap one piece suit, preferably in a “short and fat” size, i.e. minimum 34 waist, about a 31 inside leg blah blah.

Just need one on the cheap, as I currently dont own any - if anyone has one they dont use please be in contact, I’m looking to spend no more than £100. I know thats REALLY cheap, but i am REALLY poor :smiley:


The one I have for sale would fit your leg size (same as mine), but they would be 32" at a push.
You’re welcome to try them on though - Putney is near you, right?

This one should fit… well you never defined what onesie you want :stuck_out_tongue:

yes he did :stuck_out_tongue:

(from the subject heading)

Now AlexG found some leathers for £25 quid … lemesee if i can go find the pic…


Damn I never read those subject lines…:smiley: