One Year Old Today

picked the bike up last year today with delivery milage
its been a frustrating year for a brand new bike its relibilty leaves alot to be desired not to mention the dealers attitude


Lovely bike. What issues have you had?

Ditto, I’m interested to hear them all.

New Coil pack
New Waterpump (Twice)
New Oil Pump
New Sump ( I now have an oil leak since it was changed)
New Side Stand
Wheel bearings changed at 6k miles
New Stator
New Regulator
Airbox Changed
Brake master cyclinder Changed
Front Calipers Changed
Offside Footpeg Spring is broken

There might be a few more bits which i have forgotten

I dont talk direct to the dealer anymore, I only commuicate through emails

BMW roadside assistance is far from anything to do with its title

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Whoah, sounds like you’re having a nightmare!

I’ve not had any issues with BMWs. Guess I’ve been lucky.

Crikey! Or what’s known as a lemon or a Friday Afternoon Build… Surely something really really wrong? Money back?

Wise - Sounds like you got the BMW equivalent of my Daytona “spit” 675.

After reading this article I suspect reliability is one of the features that is only enabled if you pay BMW the optional monthly subscription…