One of those mornings?

I usually start my commute at 8.30 but for a change I thought I’d leave a bit earlier…oh dear!

Okay so usually there is the odd ‘incident’ on my way to work but today it was madness. First someone swerved the front of his car out as I was filtering- I narrowly missed the oncoming car. Mad because he was stuck in a traffic jam- he couldn’t go anywhere and there was no right turn, no reason for him to edge out other than spite :angry: Second a bike filtering behind me in the blind spot suddenly swooped by very close on the inside. Okay I thought this guy was obviously in a hurry and it must have been a mistake… but when I went past him 5 minutes later he did exactly the same thing again then continued to do the same to the bikes up ahead:angry: By now I’m beginning to think its going to be one of those mornings. Saw the aftermath of a nasty looking cycling collision at the junction of Brixton Road and Camberwell New Road and headed up Kennington Road. Noticed a scooter (black X9 I think) riding up my chuff. Jeez he’s close. So move over and let him pass only to see him tailgating the bike in front :crazy: I did have a word with the guy at the traffic lights- but he was a mature rider surely he knows to give the bike in front space? :crazy:

Arrrgggghhhh. Rant over.

Absolute chaos this morning…I feel for you guys who do the 8-9 commute every day. I’m going back to the 8.30-9.30

Melon Farmers All of em

I think Its because you were a newbie at that time of the morning:D

Mind you ya get knob heads at all hours! just be careful out there!:slight_smile:

Commuting at different times can suck.

I’ve been working some very odd “office” hours the last few weeks and different times make for different traffic. Ignoring all the cars being in the wrong place, the different bikes you encounter can make life “quite interesting”.

Can’t wait to get back to my 9:00/9:30 run. We all know how each other rides and move accordingly.

God bless flexitime working that allows a 10:00 start.

Sounds normal for London riding.