one in custody

walking past some [email protected] on the A4 heathrow tonight on way to a hotel function, i saw some 4/5 lads interestingly checking a kids 08 125 scooter out.
nice looking scoot-fair enough, good luck,- i walk on.

i then see the rider leave his lid with someone and ride off trying to do a wheelie, and back again to the group some 20 seconds later.

on walking past again-checking things out, about to say wtf!, i over hear one of them mention that get it away from the road cos of five O, you ain’t got a licence, & plus you’ve had shots “bludd”!.

thank you lads!.

so i walk back, but this time identify myself!.

calling for assistance on this, they all abandon ship except of course rider who admits, after thinking he would ride away when i’ve got the keys now, tells me yeah he’s had a few JD shots, and…no licence - only got the bike in the last 24 hours!.

heathrow police attend, & rider has no licence at all, the usual stuff, & is… twice over the drink drive limit!.
he was 17.

…the bike was all L plated up, but god knows only how he’d think this cover up would last without like ANPR picking it up etc!.


one idiot off the road.
many to go, of course!.

made it to the function too!.

have a goodnight!.

well done you !!!

plod 1 - scum Nil

Good work, now ow about the rest of them.:slight_smile:

Result! nice to see things happening, especially with kids on scooters. Now, about that bike stolen back in February from outside my house… :wink:

Good job officer. :wink:

Yeah well done, all those years of police work and you happen to over hear the crime. Makes me wonder why its not possible we as general public are not able to do the same thing. I bet we hear this all the time but are advised to leave well alone. Dont get me wrong the police have a hard job but it strikes me they ask our help in accidents as witnesses yet if we were to aprehend someone that is commiting a crime we are advised to keep away and let the locals deal with it.

Well done again we need these plonkers off the road.

Well done, more of that please!

That said, I’d like to think that this kid gets a chance to see the error of his ways and becomes a responsible biker, rather than become a resentful youth determined to be a prat again. At that age, a bit of mentoring would go a long way.

Nice one. There is a lot of illegal riding/driving going on now, many can’t afford to go legit so they do it anyway and hope they don’t get caught. Nearly got knocked off my bike by a car yesterday driven by a lady who was being taught by a bloke. She turned into my path no L plates or tax disk prob no insurance. My ABS saved me from disaster. I think he said sorry but i couldn’t understand what he said sounded like russian or suchlike. I wish darrylj lived in my neck of the woods - thornton heath!


good work !

good work mr plod :wink:

This post is of no use without a gory video clip of a biker coming off:D:D:D

chunky - what are you like! :rolleyes:

Well done you sir!

eezy… having been round the ‘fornton eef’ way last week, i can only say im not supprised… most of the driving i saw was complete [email protected]!

Still, i doubt anywhere is completely prat free these days!

now, where did i put that medal… :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice one mate! another one off the roads…

bloody brilliant - a round of applause mate well deserved.

as someone once said - “Takes a good man to sit by and do nothing for evil to prevail”

Glad you took charge.

Yo yo it’s Five-O :laugh:

Should have arrested them for thinking they were in an American ghetto.

What’s wrong with, “Scarper lads, it’s the busies” :smiley:

Nice one Darryl.

Now he has been caught by the Police, let’s hope the courts do their bit. I get infuriated when I watch the police, camera action programmes and see people caught doing some of the most outrageous things on the road and then receive absurdly weak treatment by the courts.

Last week they featured a van driver who was stopped and found to have committed the following offenses:

two passengers loose in the back with no seatsphony insurance certificatephony tax diskdriving on a provisional licenseFor this he was fined £300 and given 6 points.

I compare this to the £180 in fines and 9 points my wife has collected for not being observant enough in the vicinity of speed camers (all within 15 mph of the limit) and the cost of my tax and insurance. It is little wonder so many of these people are contemptuous of the law when the cost of being caught is so much less that the cost of being legit.

you do post some good stuff then !