one for the guys, who is the hottest LB gril

waits for the flood of replies :slight_smile:

Most grils have to be hot to be effective:D

don’t know this person but I like the gaffer tape look! :smiley:

Username: Biker Biker

Ouch - looks like you’re asking for trouble :smiley:

sharp as ever :smiley:

Mate I’ve been having LOADS of no strings attached sex recently…

I found that duct tape works SO MUCH better :smiley:

The George Foreman ‘gril’ gets pretty hot so I’ve heard :w00t::hehe:


Again not really met anyone yet, so the hottest girl would be any one that talks to me :crying:

your mrs andy…ide smash the fcuk out of that !!!:wink:

as for weefrenchie…yup…ide smash her aswell and tiggi yup…yup…Flats…westie…ide fking ruin them cnts…Jewel would get it with a baseball bat…

ide smash Mel up the bum too…as she’s pregnat…and ide also smash Ang…bitta milf in there aswell…ohh and Joy terrymoto’s mrs…she’d get it too…



im saying nowt…:smiley:

:w00t::w00t::w00t: I dont wanna be ruined cant I just wank you off or summat… and you can smash Westie twice??

i say, well si you can break me in this weekend bigboi…:stuck_out_tongue:

His back is already broke !!:w00t:

ohh shut up si…yea you can give me a wank…but it must be infront of a mirror so i can watch you doing it…;).

yea, westie would get smashed propper…ide even play with his nips while talking dirty in his ear…


I am honestly disgusted.

Wow smileds on for an lb orgy

That was so good he actually put his name on it…

Learn to spell Andy you dipstick!! proof read your post before hitting submit!!