One for Joby....Basecamp for mac

I have just come into a 2nd hand Macbook that I will use for my Euro trips going forward as its nice and light.

I normally use PCs for my basecamp stuff…I have installed it on the mac and restored a backup from the PC, everything good so far, but I have one issue I can’t get around, wondered if you knew.

When I double click a route on the PC and get the route info, I have a “more info” option that when clicked displays distance / time/ total disance / time / etc

But nothing on the MAC!!! I find this info VERY usefull and gutted its not there.
Any ideas??
Extra info in read, check box in blue

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I can’t remember but it should be covered here if it’s possible.

You getting back on it? About time :joy:

And is the usual stop my favourite bakery/cafe?

Well hopefully next year, I want to do the old fathful route, but with a bit more time for stopping and chilling.

I am not 100% but I think our fav cake place has closed…its not on google maps any more, if it is, I will be gutted. :frowning: