One armed racers

Wow! I was amazed to see a couple of guys racing on Scratchin’ (Men & Motors channel) with only the use of one arm. They are really awesome! I don’t think I could control the bike with one arm let alone hold on at those speeds! Unbelievably brave guys! Lids off to you all, hope you get the sponsors you need to continue racing!! :slight_smile:

I know of a guy that lost the use of both legs in an accident and he still rides a bike on the road. His bike is setup to extend two arms with smaller wheels on the ends, when comes to a stop. You gotta admire his tenacity!

They were both at Brands the last track day I did there, one without a left and one without a right, both in the fast group and a real inspiration to the rest of us. Top blokes with amazing skills.

I remember seeing a guy at a Bemsee meet racing a CBR6 with no left arm.He finished in the top 5 or 6 and got big respect from me. I know for a fact he would run rings round me:D

saw that programme myself, fair play to them and doing very well at it shows what you can do if you really want to. :slight_smile: