Onboard video post em here..............

I love to watch some of the onboard shots people take with video cameras, anyone got any post them on here for all to share…

I got a track day one but its about 40meg… need to find somewhere to host it… cause me bandy will get swallowed up.

Hi Floyd,
Great, i look forward to watching it, i’m sure someone will chime in a give you a link to host the vid. Are you on your beautifull red beast ?

Here’s a couple of mine:

http://www.rollingthunder.co.uk/videos/montage.mpg (track montage, 31Mb)

http://www.rollingthunder.co.uk/videos/topspeep.wmv (GSXR750 top speed run, 9Mb)

http://www.rollingthunder.co.uk/videos/crash.wav (My highside, 3Mb)

http://www.rollingthunder.co.uk/videos/brandsindy.wmv (Brands Indy trackday, 36Mb)

http://www.rollingthunder.co.uk/videos/santapod.wmv (My ZX6R getting raped at Santa Pod ( ) , 19Mb)

Pukka vids silver, second & third link are not working, really makes me want to brake my track virginity. I see what you mean when you say getting raped at santa pod, that other bike takes off like a rocket…LOL

Here goes some of my 2003/04 videos!

Almeria Spain. Suzuki 1000, camera on the rear! and the trip:


Some more of Almeria:


Llandaw trip and trackday, we will actually organise a LB trip like that soon:


Silverstone, filming Neil and steve!


Brands Hatch, filming Branco on his new bling bling R1, it was one of the first one in London.


Brands Hatch, can’t remember this day, lol


At Mallory park filming Rod riding his brand new gixxer!


That’s enough for now guys,

I obviously can’t type very well at that time of night! The broken links (spelt wrong actually!) should be:

http://www.rollingthunder.co.uk/videos/topspeed.wmv (GSXR750 top speed run, 9Mb)

http://www.rollingthunder.co.uk/videos/crash.wmv (My highside, 3Mb)

WOW! I loved the top speed one Silver. And I’m sorry for your fall but that video was nice too, . The bike put the camera pointing to you on porpose, maybe it’s her way to shame you for dropping her…

Here’s me at Silverstone GP last year on my old K4 750:
http://jayadair.com/video/silverstone-gp-july-04.wmv (120mb)

I have one on the K5 1000 at Brands as well, but I can’t find the URL right now. I’ll post it up later. Please note, I can now hit apexes and ride a bit better on track! hehe.

Superb vids guys, i just love watching them, can’t wait for my first trackday

Links r good now, that high speed run looks good silver…

It’s amazing when you watch your own onboard videos isn’t it? I was missing apexes all over the place. It actually shows you where to improve.

I changed it… its a rear facing cam from my bike going through Glen Helen, Michael, Ballaugh, Sulby, Ramsey and up the mountian. Grab it while its hot as I’ll have to shift it if me bandy goes…
Bike sounds nice through headphones!

ok… here it is.


Great bit of vid footage there Floyd, lucky with the old bill, do you ever get any grief from them ?

Ermm nahh… there actually really cool over here. You got the odd one thats looking to boast there score sheet but on the whole as long as your not taking the piss and trying to wind them up they leave ya be. I’ve been pulled once for a small plate but never for dark visors, loud cans etc…
I was really taken by suprise with that Police car there… ya can see the back of the bike wiggling under the brakes as I scrub the speed off…

If no one else is grabbing this then I’ll take it off shortly.

I watched it Floyd, it’s a good video! Thanks for sharing. Your friend is very good at getting his knee down on the road, whilst nearly upright, a skill I have yet to master! Hehe… Your RSVR sounds great as well mate!

I saw it too! Really nice, wish I could do that knee down on the road too!

Yeah… He hangs off like an absolute monkey… looks good though… He spent ages trynig to get a good body position and now cant stop doing it… I think he hangs too far off… But hey, he looks smooth, controlled and happy… so fair ****s to him!

got some vids here :

Roundabout knee down


One for the blokes… or ladies how to make a sec clip last 4 minutes


There are a few vids at http://www.biggusonline.co.uk/vids/ not uploaded/linked to everything yet

Great vid Floyd, takes me back to a month ago must really get round to sorting my footage from the IOM