On bike cameras

doing my first trackday in March and wondered if anyone got a camera I could borrow for the day ? failing that recommend a cheap one or anyone used those cheap helmet cams from fleabay :slight_smile:

or just gaffer tape camcorder to mirror :D:D

i dont use mine very often you could have a go if you want

videos come out in 480p

I have a GoPro HD that you could use. It only has a 2 hour battery span though.:cool:

id go with the go pro :slight_smile:

Hi mate I’ve got the vio pov 1.5 camera it is broadcast quality, all the tv companies use these they have brought out a HD version which is being launched in feb which I’ll be getting but there a bit pricey. You can record high quality videos onto a SD card and runs on 4 AA battery’s, it also comes with a remote ( start stop ) ect and can record up to 5 hrs on one SD card, if I’ve got my HD one buy the time you do your track day then your more the welcome to borrow this one mate. But one condition fella just incase the worse thing happens ok " you break it you buy it " rule ok mate I’ve got some vids on you tube if you want to check out quality of recording

Cheers woodster

I meant this in the nicest possible way really. but can you please put some of , them and some of . them in there?

:w00t: PMSL :w00t:


Aaagggh! It’s not finished! Must…add…full-stop…need…closure. :slight_smile:

Am I missing something here.

me too ?

guessing someone trying to be funny and failing dismally feller :slight_smile: