OMG the bug may make an appearance tonight! 17/02/06

Yes thats right if it stays dry I may be down the ace this evening! Yeah! Haven’t been out on it in ages and so looking forward to it! Who else will be out?

Its supposed to be nice tonight but i am otherwise engaged unfortunately. New girl on the scene who will be needing my full attention…

Have fun and tell Pete how tired he’s looking!

I’m at the ace tonight…
do it Terry, stop being a momma’s boy!

In ey-oop-whippet collecting me bike, so it’s a no from me.

Can’t believe it, she was washed etc before hiding from the salt and even still you can see the damage / furring all over the place. Gutted

By me a drink when I get there then ducky!

This will be some sort of miricle night! Hennessy is now coming too!

See you there terry.

Looks like i might put in an appearence too. What time you going to head off from the Ace into town?