OMG I'm sooo bored

So at a client doing a server migration (IT peeps will get me)… I have literally sat here most of the day and say every 30 mins of so clicked next!

roll on 5:30 I sooo need to get out of here, I have read nearly every thread on LB today and the BBC news! I’m running out of stuff to do…

I know the feeling, I feel like I’ve read everything on the internet.

I know that isn’t true of course. I’ve probably not read more than two thirds.

i thought IT people only did that and drank coffee anyway?

here ya go karl


funny you mention that I have just finished my 4th cup of coffee, it is the only thinkg keeping me awake at the moment

This made me lol :smiley:

I know the feeling and some of the more interesting websites most clients get narked when reading them, plus you end up dreaming install bars going across the screen but always wake up at 99% complete.

Clearly you need to be introduced to Kleenex;)


this will ease your boredom.

a laugh a minute