olivers mount

wouldnt mind a track day round here what a track!

Dun arf take some balls holding that R1 flat stick right along side the gsxr like that, almost collects him at the end…



Raced round here in my teen years:D as it was only up the road from home back then…oh and its where i crashed my first rgv lol:w00t: brilliant track…just not in the wet!

, you mean to post this one? your link showed Mcguiness nearly flip


yeah i did, dunno how that happened? cheers ratty…

Didnt know you use to race wasp? heard alot of old racers talk about scarborough, is olivers mount what they mean?



Olivers mount used to be open to anyone on sundays when there was’nt racing on and you could basicly tear round it like a nutter and enjoy yourself:D

Oh and the **** of the north races used to be the best weekend of racing up north;)

Used to go most weekends! to watch club racing! Us northerners eh Wasp? :smiley:

Even seen sheene when i was a kid :smiley:

but unfortunately been there to witness one or two major accidents including a fatality. Its a dangerous circuit and certainly not one for beginners. But well worth a punt for you nutters out there :w00t:

So when are we going then :w00t:

i’m in! i’ll get the Van… :wink: