Oldish and newish

Hi all - well, having ridden 125s and 250s about 35 years ago (I’m 58 now), I finally gave in to a yearning to get on two wheels again that’s persisted for over a decade. I therefore decided to go the DAS route a couple of months ago, and was fortunate enough to get through everything first time. The day after passing my Mod 2 I picked up a shiny new Street Twin from the local Triumph dealership, and I haven’t looked back since. Well, aside from a few lifesavers :slight_smile:

I hope to participate here in a constructive way, and may even meet some of you at some point. Thanks for having me, too.



Good on you Tony. You’ve had the courage and determination to do what many 58 year olds wouldn’t and you’ll get so much enjoyment from it.

Welcome to LB.

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Oh, thanks - I suppose it was a bit more daunting than it would have been if I was younger. The only pity is that I’ve wasted so much time being without a bike!

Welcome Tony. You can make up for the missed time with extend rides next summer.

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Thanks very much. I’m going to ride through the winter too, but can’t wait for the spring/summer next year!

Glad to have you aboard chap! Lovely bikes those, I love them and the street cup.

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Much appreciated, thank you!

Morning and welcome.

I have to say (maybe I’m starting to get old) I do like the looks of those and could see myself on one but maybe not just yet.

Cheers, although - if I’m honest - I’m still yearning for a Monster 821 :wink:

If you are riding through winter, remember to read up about protecting your bike against the stuff gritter lorries deposit on the road… They don’t make bikes like they used to I’m afraid…

Yes, I’ve already had my bike “professionally” ACF-50’d. I’ll be particularly carful once the gritters are out, too.

Good on you mate finally getting round to doing the licence and getting a bike. I’m in a similar boat, also was very close to going nuts and getting a monster 821 (thought better of it, for now…) and also can’t wait for summer. Hope to see you out and about at some point.

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That’s certainly a fine looking steed.

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To be honest, there have been some developments. I’ll post about it tomorrow :flushed:

Well, this is very embarrassing!

I took the Street Triple out for a two hour test a couple of weeks ago whilst my Twin was having it’s 500 mile service, and absolutely fell in love with it. So much power on tap, and so light and manageable.

When I got back to the dealership, I was offered a potential “upgrade” that saw pretty much al of my money back on the Twin, including what I spent on accessories. I therefore decided to trade it in against a Street Triple R in jet black.

My thinking was that if I waited a few months I’d get hammered on the trade-in price, and with the new model Twin widely available I’d find it near impossible to sell privately. This does mean that I got no discount on the price of the Triple, but all in all it’s a not a bad result.

The Triple is as fast as I could ever want (116bhp and a top speed I’ll never even approach), much lighter (30kg/5st lighter, in fact) than the Twin and is even narrower, so a joy to filter on and manoeuvre in and out of traffic. On the motorway and fast A roads it’s in a different league.

I think it really was the best decision I could have made.

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Nice move - saw this on your other post and wondered whether you’d had to take a hit financially. Sounds like it wasn’t a problem so I reckon you’ve done well there.

My 500 mile service on the Bonnie will be due in a few weeks. You’re setting a dangerous precedent here!

Of course, what we all really need is something retro/cool, and something zippy. Not sure I can get away with it but my ideal line up would be the Bonnie and a Monster 821 or Street Triple.

Glad you’re happy with the upgrade - bike looks great.

@Benjo74 Thanks, and you’re absolutely right, Ben - I was saying to my other half yesterday that there’s really room for the two. Funnily enough, the 821 was the other bike on my radar, but I’d never have got the deal I did get through Ducati.