Oldie to biking, Newbie to the site!

Hi All,

New to the site, don’t know why I’ve never bothered to join before but I’m here now!. This is my girl a MotoGuzzi V7 Classic I’ve had her a few years now and its still rates as the best bike I’ve owned so far.

I’ve been riding for over 25yrs now and passed my test when all you had to do was a figure of eight and an emergency stop not sure if I could cope with the test nowadays though:Whistling:. I used to commute to Marble Arch every day when I first started riding on a little RD125 but wrote this off under an 18 wheeler (lorry turned right without indicators) had a break for leg repairs then got married and had kids. Kids now grown up and I thought this is my time so I’ve got back into riding. I must admit I’m more of a fair weather rider now but I still commute to Hertford regularly and enjoy riding at the weekend along with OH on his.

Well give me a wave if you see me, I love the camaraderie of bikers always have always will, Take care out there and stay rubberside down!


Hi and welcome.
Nice Guzzi, don’t think there is another one on the forum (active at least).

Hi Diane & welcome :slight_smile:

Welcome to LB :slight_smile:

Welcome! Nice bike

welcome, nice Guzzi.

Welcome, cool bike :smiley:

Hi and welcome, very nice bike

Hi from a fellow female Guzzi rider!