Old timers reunion

Sat here with the likes of TDJ , Ang , Mr Moto himself , Jason B and flats , anyone remember us :slight_smile:


Nah… I don’t remember any of ya

I remember the ones who stood us up tonight… you splitters lol

1 or 2 of you

name and shame the splitters then Ang

when was all this organised …lol 

nice one guys :slight_smile:

Has Jason B mastered a wheelie? :smiley:

Say hello to everyone for me.

Looks a bit posh :slight_smile: Good to see Mark looking so healthy.

Me Moto led my first LB ride out - what a blast empty A413 in the dark

Great to see the gang together again :slight_smile:

We remember you all looking a bit younger and not so ugly (apart from Ang obviously who looks fab) but we do remember  :slight_smile: