Old Street Roundabout Works

In case you’ve not seen it:

From a TfL notification:

From 21:30 on Friday 24 until 00:01 on Bank Holiday Monday 27 May, Old Street west and City Road south will be closed. This is to complete works to switch Old Street roundabout to two-way traffic.

The Inner Ring Road will remain open through Old Street for east / west journeys. Using the Inner Ring Road south of the river may mean a quicker journey over the weekend. Signed diversion routes will be in place. Roads in the surrounding area are expected to be a lot busier and delays are expected in all directions, so allow more time for your journey.

From Sunday 26 May, vehicles using the service access at Old Street roundabout will exit into the Congestion Charge and Ultra Low Emission zones. Drivers may avoid the Congestion Charge by loading outside of Congestion Charge hours (before 07:00 or after 18:00 from Monday to Friday, or anytime over the weekend). Drivers may also be subject to the ULEZ daily charge if their vehicle does not meet the prescribed emissions standards.

From 00:01 on Bank Holiday Monday 27 May, two-way traffic will be introduced at Old Street roundabout. Delays are expected in all directions on the approach to the Old Street junction, so please allow more time for your journey.

Local businesses should consider taking action to minimise the impact of any delivery or servicing trips made to your premises by talking to your supplier about whether they can re-time their trips to outside of peak hours, or reduce trips by streamlining your suppliers and the number of visits they make to your premises.

Good riddance. I worked there for a year and it’s an awful dingy dirty site frequented by addicts.

Picture for you, so you can see the plan

Cool. Looks pretty well thought out. Should clear the area up a bit if nothing else.

It’s certainly better than E&C. Especially for cycling. Have you ever tried that on a cycle, going southbound and wanting to turn west? Maybe I’m too old but I can’t figure it out. I either get off and walk or ride with the motor traffic.

Looks like a bad idea to me

Is that just the one lane to turn right going East to West? That’s going to be chaos, it’ll back right up

Can’t comment on the cycling aspect, but from a biking point of view the E&C redevelopment improved it by several magnitudes!

I’m not a fan, but I suppose it stopped the boy racers trying to race you to the exit.

Humn… Roundabouts generally increase traffic flow. This seems like a backwards step to me.

Questionable it was ever a roundabout with traffic lights.

Yeah fair point. Though solving that may have been a better idea / use of money.

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Guys, I’m bringing this one back from the depths. I’m trying to find some clarity on the Old Street Roundabout and the Congestion Charge.

Does anyone have an answer as to the line? screen grab below means I’ve gone through ULEZ (blue line is my route).

However, there is an editors note on the bottom of this one saying it is being changed to be you “exit” into the CC/ULEZ zone (or have I read it wrong)?

The new pony is not ULEZ complaint officially until all the paperwork has gone through. So do I need to cough up for what was likely to be 50m inside it until it is sorted?

Not been through recently but you should be ok, the Congestion Charge doesn’t start until you get onto City Road

It’s clear on Street View.

Cheers Gav,

Have to love it all really, that screenshot is from the TFL website so they did not think to update that but your link ties in with the noted part…

Happy days

I’ve never needed to double check where boundary starts on that junction.
Just double check where the red C is on the road and you’ll be able to see if you need to pay or not.
Before the reworking of that roundabout the cameras were only on entry to City Road. So unless they’ve moved them to that section to catch people turning left off the ring road since it’s been done you maybe ok.