Old Skool forumites

Have to be honest, I’d forgotten about this place, always used to be a good forum for a natter and a laugh.
Anyone from the early 2000s still about?

Not that early but there are still some around from 12 years ago.

I’m still here :slight_smile:

We are meeting an old LB mate tomorrow - for a 9 mile walk :slight_smile:

Has he broken down?

from early 2000’s
i wonder how many people had a home pc & decent internet back then

not sure when I joined up, was defo around the mid 2000s

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August 2006

I joined December 2007 after a year or two of lurking.

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Been around since 2007 ish but had a big break after changing PC but back on now, from across the pond down under

Welcome back @smurff! Sounds nice, I have a friend who rides in the NT. Bit warmer than London :slight_smile:

Thanks Jay,
Too many straight roads up there and the heat doesn’t make riding very pleasant most of the year.
Much prefer the colder weather, must be the Scottish blood I think……

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Hi all, been a while since I’ve been on here, seems to have changed a bit


Good to have you back @Tromboman.

Welcome back Oliver!

I’ve been here since 2008 I think

Think I joined around 2008 as well, after my first Dunstable Downs rideout