Old Noob in SE26

Hello all.

Been a lurking for a while and just joined.

Originally from South Leicestershire, spent 7 years in Bournemouth and been in London for 8 years.
Bike less for 7!!

Quick history

Yam DT50 (Seized)
Honda C90 (Slow)
Kawasaki KH125 (whoops smashed along with my leg)
Kawasaki AR125 (Indestructible)
Kawasaki KLE500 (Loved it)
Suzuki GSX750ET (chopped to a kinda proto steetfighter/Mad Max thingie)
Yamaha XJ650 Maxim (flat bats and uprated suspension made it a loads better)
Suzuki GSX600F Teapot (Hated it)

When I moved to London did the usual thing and spent way beyond my means, had to sell the Teapot and have just finished paying my debts off.

Now 43!!! Time to get mobile again. :slight_smile:
But what to get?
Almost got a scooter just to commute but realised, just in time, that I’d be bored in a week and a scoots no use if I want to travel any distance (which I will).

Now all I got to do is decide between commuter, naked, retro or cruiser.
I can’t decide but having fun looking.

Hi welcome to LB:D

hello and welcome :slight_smile:

Welcome mate!!

Welcome mate :slight_smile: Go and get yourself a naked bike :wink:

Ello and welcome :smiley:

Welcome to the jungle :slight_smile:

Welcome. Cant go wrong with a fazer.

Thanks for the welcome guys.

cbr 600 F 2000 - first of the ally frames and last of the carbs.

Can be had for under £2K and below 25K miles easy. Lots of bike for your money. But you’ll have to leave london to find a nice one.

Quite like the firestorms too, again lots of bike for the money.

Not considered the CBR. Firestorm might be too much for a Sydenham to West End commute.

I’m often on the Isle of Wight been looking for bikes there.
Small place, limited customer base, possible bargains.

Welcome to LB:)