Ok Theoretical Question

Ok here’s the scenario…

You have been given a one year assignment / job abroad for good money.

The location is a biking heaven with little rain, 27 degrees of sunshine 365 days a year and fantastic empty roads.

The boss has given you small villa to live in and in order to entice you … he has placed a motorcycle in the garage for your use whilst you are there - you can’t change it - this is the bike you will ride.

You get to the destination all sweaty and excited - you open up the garage doors and find…

What is the LAST bike you would choose to be in that garage??? :smiley:

Do scooters count… A broken, run down SYM or other such crap at 50cc…

If not that, then a goldwing…

A pushbike

OOOOH, that’s a good one! Chinese scooter is very high on the list, but we should probably discount all of those as too obvious.

most likely though something like this


A Ducati. :smiley:

Nah should have said…

This ‘Boss’ promised it would be over 500cc :smiley:

Ok my BL … your wish is granted … the Panigale disappears to be replaced by …

a Hyosung 500cc piss pour Harley lookalike cruiser - complete with tassels! :smiley:

Be careful what you wish for ! :stuck_out_tongue:

A Triumph Daytona 600. :exclamationmark:

One of those 3-wheeler 550cc piaggio things!

Any sort of ‘chopper’ or cruiser motorcycle, you know the sort, ridden either by criminals or accountants suffering a mid life crisis.

The garage is well stocked with new reg/recs though Scorch…hundreds of em :slight_smile:

Any of those silly american bikes with a 20 degree fork rake, that puts your toes in front of your knees and your hands up above your shoulders.

a gixxer :sick:

Things grow on me. So long as it runs…

Guy on my commute (A12) used to ride something not too dissimilar to that, with that exact lid. Wouldn’t say hello or nuffin.

Pompas Moron.

any cruiser or harley!

I’m not sure even that would swing it for me :crazy:

Any Harley or cruiser. I’d actually be alright with a scooter, but you’d NEVER get me riding a Harley…

Oh **** I did ride a V-rod round a car park once. It was complete ****.

I stand by my decision.