OK as bad as the fridge thread -

Can anyone be kind enough to share their company contingency plans for avian flu/terrorist threat/dirty bombs…

Im having to put this together for my firm and have come to a standstill …no more ideas

Thanks all!

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…Err…Advise staff to stay at home and log onto LB?!

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The only bit of contingency plans I got involved in, was keeping logs/records of staff details, company insurances, company manuals, customers details and the like, all up to date and kept offsite at another office location, just in case something happened to our building.

As is my answer to everything - our company will be…

“Calling the A-Team!!”

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hums A-team continuously for the next four hours because it’s stuck!

This is not as bad as my fridge thread.

Install one of these and everything will be fine.


OK we link to this lot at work…


hope it helps

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If you get in touch with your local nick and ask for an appointment with the Crime Prevention Officer (It’s free) then he/she’ll have loads of stuff for you in relation to all that.

Avian Flu? = Lemsip

Terrorist Threat? = Offer them tea and cake to calm down

Dirty bombs? = Fairy Liquid


Wee annie - you’re a sweetheart thank you very helpful

Trojan - Westminster nick will get a visit - thank you hun hadnt even considered that they may have a support network for this sort of thing… Ta!

Goose PMSL nutter …

Goosie, you crack me up - cat was sleeping on my lap when I read that, jumped a mile and cracked her head on the table when I burst out laughing, so I ended up laughing even more!

As for the contingency plan, do your staff have the facility to work from home? Those that have that capability should do so where possible, to avoid spreading germs or picking them up from work colleagues.

Basic plan -

Step #1 Make sure everyone has contact details for everyone they may need to contact in an emergency, including a central point for coordination.

Step #2 Keep them up-to-date

Step #3 Make sure whoever is in charge of the central coordination point knows who they are, and everyone knows what to do if that prson is dead etc.

Step #4 Wait for emergancy

Step #5 Play it by ear.

Sophisticated Plan -

Do all the above, and also try and identify key functions and plan for how they might continue in an emergency. For example, if you run a country like my employer does, how do you run it if central London is a no-go area. Can work or staff be relocated etc. Al lthe sophisticated stuff won;t work unless the basic comms stuff is wel lorganised.

Really Sophisitcated Plan -

Get someone else to do it.

How big is your company, what’s the purpose of drawing up your plan?

I work in a hospital, the sort of place you’d have to expect to deal with the scenarios you mention and I don’t have a clue what our disaster plans are.

If you really are interested in writing plans, I’d suggest contacting your local council’s emergency planning department. Not much good telling your people to do stuff if it’s contrary to what the local emergency services want.

Bird Flu ???

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Check you PMS I have enclosed a copy of Emergency call file which we use also…

Thanks Annie!