oil light come on???


I took my bike (99 R1) for service last week and since then the oil light come on sometime and it usually for a few minutes then it went off again, it never done it before and I had the oil changed when it was serviced, could that be the reason? anyone know why and should I be concerned? I am taking it back and get it look at it on Monday but I just want see what you guys thinks of it.


R1 oil light is a level sensor and not a pressure sensor - so check your oil level in the sight glass is correct (make sure bike is dead upright and not tilted even slightly over to the right or left).If your oil level is correct then it’s probably just an overly sensitive sensor (the overly sensitive oil level sensor issue was noted by other R1 riders particularly on earlier model R1s which meant riders were getting false alarms when the oil light came on).

If the level in the sight glass is healthy then it should be ok.

I don’t know about R1’s or Yamaha in general, but on my both my Suzuki bikes the oil light tends to come on when you turn first turn the bike on. Goes off once you start the engine.

yamaha - oil level light

I’ve had this problem with a few Yamahas over the years - often it’s worth just dropping the sump and either cleaning the sensor (they get gunked up) or replacing it, TBH