Ohlins fork preload adjustement

Anyone know about adjusting preload on these forks…I’m pretty sure my stock forks had clicks per turn.

Is there supposed to be a click per adjustment like compression and rebound controls on Ohlins?

If not how do you know when you have reached maximum range in either direction?

I know about counting turns but how do you know when you have reached maximum plus or minus on the controls to begin counting turns from?



screw em right in they should reach a point where they screw no further … then count em back out .

Tried that already but they just seem to keep going…Will try again tonight.

Cheers :slight_smile:

What he said.

But if you want to add a bit of “sophistication”, count the turn as you screw them in to maximum (or minimum) preload so you know your starting point and make a mental note. Always a wise little thing to do so that you have a fall back position if you cock up.

Oh. Don’t be surprised if you get different results for each fork leg, just average them.

Even BMW in the factory manage to preload one leg higher than the other. (Or in my case, a few years back manage to put different springs in each leg and then add a spacer to the stiffer spring.)