Oh my lord!

I can’t believe this and seems pretty sick to me.


“Soon I’ll be holding my son or daughter in my arms and Phil will be the proud dad.”

ermm wouldnt that be her great grand daughter or son??

WTF!!! seriously? Thats a tad weird for my liking

that is sick:w00t:


if my logic is correct that would make the kid his dad’s uncle/aunt, i think :smiley:

Thats very wrong… but if they are happy…

I read that and was just convinced it would be either Norfolk - or the south of America…not good, really not good.

I’ve heard of GILFs, but not your own!:smiley:

suppose only thing worse could be

does make you think of the joke of the boy walking in on parents having sex and then the boy goes off and jumps on his gran and when asked wtf is ging on replies "not so f*cking funny now its your mum is it " wonder if first meeting was something like this

thats so US and A. :smiley:

Not many branches on their family tree !

I think HE’d have a bit of difficulty being “an aunt” … :slight_smile:

fair point, but putting it’s didn’t quite feel right, although calling the child cousin it might be appropriate :smiley:

Still wrong!


wrong, so wrong

Wrong …no very very wrong.:sick:

Yep its not right and all so i read about a 18 year old getting up the duff by her grandad, sick but that was in the USA.

All that’s left to say is “Heeehh Haaawwwh, go get that mutton Billy Joe, you red neck SOB!!”


just another reason for forced sterilisation