Oh fook - I missed out on a right bargain there!


What are these people on? … Who would want to pay that amount for fvcking sprout?!!

5077phil would - sprouts

To make matters worse, I would say that he is a Super Moto Rider judging from his other e-bay purchases.

Ebay is getting worse, now 2 groups of football supporters are fighting over the love interest . . . .

"Supporters of Shrewsbury Town Football Club have kidnapped the partner of a Carlisle United supporter after their recent shock victory over their Cumbrian rivals. In an unprecedented move, they have decided to ransom this member of the Gretna-wannabees via eBay.

Any funds raised are intended to go to the survivors of one of the most hellish journeys ever, Shrewsbury to Carlisle for a midweek evening match three years ago, with the match cancelled at the last minute, after being assured the whole day through the game was never in doubt."


BTW, that sprout looked like it was cooked far longer than the 6 minutes claimed, more like £50 worth to me

He is a motard rider!

I like sprouts but I think that one may be a little old :S but £99 are people that dumb lol.

Well, it’s for charity & publicity; how many of you would have heard about The Tear Fund had you not been sent this link?