Off topic and serious help needed please

Ok I know this is a bike forum but having kids I have a cage as well. This is the story and really need help.

I have a 97 escort (no comments please) it has a serious hunting/idle problem what happens is, when I switch the engine on it will idle at 3krpm for about 30 secs then hunt between 500rpm and 2krpm after this I will be able to drive in any gear like I have cruise control, me, my dad and a garage (owned by mates so not being screwed) have tried.

Replace air pipes
Idel controls valve
air pressure sensor

Anyone had this before or anyone have any ideas why the hell we cannot find the problem…

Lamda sensor on the cat?

It could be an air leak between the carbs or injector body spary wd40 around any point where there is a gasket and the engine will struggle to idle at all and should spot once found.

If it is an injection model it could have a blocked injector that can also give you the same problem.

Good luck

I think it’s got fuel injection ? If it has then it could also be a worn throttle pot.

yep we have sprayed every single hose on the car to check for leaks nothing.

and pretty certain my mechs have tried this as well…

See how bloody annoying this is…

yer I thought this myself, but they seem to think not and as my old man and the garage know more than me I’m inclined to go with them…

I did read about a speed sensor as well but the majority again seem to think this is not it

having a vintage car myself - have only one person i would now take the car to and that is Roadhog who is an LB member!

Try pm to Grimbusa, he could be your man

Might be worth cleaning the crank sensor pickup and wheel, but I guess they have probably already done that. Does it have a cam sensor too - I suspect not ?

Have they checked cylinder compression ?

cannot understand why it would be cyclinder compression, and they have cleaned most things I believe…

Damn cages why do they casue so bloody many problems…

Have you tried cleaning the grunge factor module, or the Q36 explosive space modulator?

Just general condition of the engine, if it’s sucking oil/water into a cylinder it would slow down, then ecu tries to bring it back up, long shot but it looks like you’re looking for something elusive.

no but I we have tried the quatum flux capasitor and the mong tubular but these are not the problems either