off to warmer climes tomorrow...

well its time to get away from the Uk and see what is happening in the good old US of A…get me a bit of sun and have a look at house prices, oh I may buy a few bikes too…and a reo or maybe an M35a5…just a thought

Whereabouts in the States are you off to? I hope you have a good time, and come back with lots of shiny bikes…:slight_smile:

The bikes may cost more than the houses!

Have a superb trip.

florida…gonna take a look at houses, just for a bit of fun really…and am going to chill for sure…well not too chilly I hope…

let me know how it looks mate, might relocate… starting to hate London and UK in general:( just getting too dpressed here. Wonder what business would prosper over there…

I’m guessing a guaranteed loan business might do well? :smiley:

“I’m guessing a guaranteed loan business might do well?”

What a stupid idea. It’ll never work.

Wembley Park?