Off-road stuff

Can’t be doing with putting me or my road-gear through green laning. I’m still trying to remove all the mud stains from my boots and had to disassemble the helmet to completely clean it last time! :grimacing: was also sweeting cobwebs with the road jacket :sweat_smile:

Took a ride down some very nice country lanes to this weekend and bought some entry/mid-level off-road gear.

Helmet, googles, torso armour suit, gloves and boots. I couldn’t carry it all home on the bike, so some is in the post.

I was aiming for a blue/white colour theme to match the bike and a mx shirt I already have, but think I got confused and bought some golf gloves! I don’t think they’ll stay white for very long :crazy_face:

Gotta say, I love the helmet and googles.

Some photos. More to come other bits arrive in the post.


Ooh, what did you order? It’s tricky to strike that balance between stuff that’s not too hot for the dirt, but that’ll also keep you safe if you crash while commuting to the lanes.

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When it arrives, I’ll post up. I don’t remember the details :crazy_face:.

You need to change your profile pic @Jay

I do. I shall!