off camera flash

hi all

so had a quick play with setting up my sigma super flash gun to act as a slave to my pentax k200.

got it working but obviously the pop up flash is illuminating the subject from the front when doing side lighting. Is this just the way it is unless you get a controller or are there some tricks to limiting this?


At a guess - you need to turn the on board flash power down to its bare minimum (assume you have control over it onboard?). Otherwise - the on board flash is going to want to provide the right amount of light for a “proper” exposure all by itself - not knowing it is firing the flashgun remotely… so your flashgun will either wash out the scene - or - fire too late in the shutter sequence to get what you are aiming for.

One way to go (for relative inexpense if you don’t want to go for triggers) would be a shoe mounted cord … one end clips to your hotshoe - the other to the gun … then you hold the flash as far away from the camera as the cord will stretch. Bob’s your teapot.

Obviously - this negates the optical trigger function - but it will deffo work … and if you bought a second (cheaper) flash gun … you could use it tethered to the camera by the cord - and fire the swanky Sigma one by its optical trigger that way?

the cam is on a wireless setting and you set the flash from the hotshoe before removing it and setting it in position (although have to admit i’m convinced i’ve got this quite sorted yet) and i can stop down the flash in the wireless setting

think i’d prob go for the wireless jobbie (if there is one) but thanks for the link either way