odd bits from my bandit for sale

came off a k3 bandit 600, dont know what else they will fit.

luggage rack with bolts. the rack is a bit tatty but should paint up well.

r and g crash bungs - oversized, with bolts

scott oiler resevoir - will need carb feed line and the arm that drops the oil onto the chain

s/s sump bolts - currently on ebay til sunday

haynes manual for 6/12 95-04

beowulf s/s oval end can, rainbow effect - it has a dent but the dent ends just the right side of the bracket so will chop down to make a nice little stubby can, which was my plan for it.

original bandit 6 toolkit - rusty but complete

all has to go, so open to offers

please call me on 07824 602597 as ill not be online for the next few days.













Is the carpet for sale ?

Crash bungs and the haynes manual please, What would you accept?

ill let you buy the carpet if you want, its got an oil stain on it!!:D:D

£30 the lot plus p an p, or you can collect from grays, essex

£30 for both, plus p and p, or you can collect from grays, essex. can you give me a buzz on 07824 602597 please

last call for my leftovers, or else it will be ebay for them at the weekend!!

offers considered on everything, all must go!!!

ill take the plugs mate how much you want? :slight_smile:

pm sent mate

Hi mate let the manual go if you have a buyer.

Also the bungs will they clean up? They should fit my 1200

Pm on its way, re: optimate

will post tomorrow (Thurs) mate. cheers for quick payment

ok will do. yes they should do, the metals bits have been painted black before i got them, the paint is a little worn, but should strip off well.

£20 plus p and p? or collect from grays? can you bell me on 07824 602597 as im working the next couple of days and wont be online then.


sorry mate couldnt get to the post office office. promise to do it tomorrow

Ney bother

charger and spark plugs posted today.

still open to offers on the remaining items, or else they will be ebayed this weekend.

bike bits now on ebay, and some other stuff too!