Obtaining a Certificate of Conformity (COC) for a Ducati (ULEZ)

Not sure if this has already been posted but this is Ducati specific. If it has please excuse/delete/whatever…copy paste my post from monster forum

Ok…trying to find actual details of who/what/where to email/call/apply seems to be more difficult than coming up with a Brexit deal…well done guys :stuck_out_tongue: jokes

So here it is for those interested.

I ended up ringing Ducati directly on their international number 00800 00 382284 a lovely lady who helped in in 2mins. Have the two documents below handy and scanned:

  • a copy of your I.D. (license)
  • a copy of your bike’s registration booklet where your name and the VIN number are visible (obviously your V5)

They will ask you some info from your V5 once confirmed they will open a case and email you asking for the docs above, reply - attach - send. BOSH!

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I simply emailed the main website and got a response the next day. In fact they tried to call me twice. I couldn’t pick up, so they emailed me, requested ID and V5.